Season Two Episode One

Season Two Episode One is now go! In which we give advice to our followers, twitter feed and email buddies about a range of topics, some fannish, some serious and some... not so much. Which is why there is a fairly in depth discussion of the sexual habits of anthropomorphised websites in here. No really. New season, same podramble.

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Presque Vu

leave you drowning until you reach for my hand

What Makes You Beautiful (Eli's AMAZING/HILARIOUS Merlin vid)

Matt wins the X Factor quote from our planning email BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT (you can skip to around 6.00 if you're just in it for the adorable, and stick around for some bonus baby One Direction misbehaving)

Episode Ten: High School AUs
tvd: hero of this story

That's right, we actually have an episode! (We know, it's been ages.) This time around, we're talking about high school—specifically, about fandoms set in high school, and high school AUs (and college AUs too, cause they're pretty nice as well). We brought hapakitsune on because (1) she loves them a terrifying amount and (2) daisysusan doesn't care for them all that much so she mostly ignored (seriously I have no idea why I'm the one making this post). But generally, we had a lot of feelings about high school and stories set in high school and why we like them so much. Also laliandra may or may not have sunstroke. 

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High school AU trope page

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Episode Nine: New Fandoms/Avengers/Superheroes
xm: phoenix/Emma
podramble episode 9

In this episode we discuss new fandoms, which is basically a flimsy cover for a descent into ALL THE AVENGERS FEELINGS IN THE WORLD. PACING! FEMINISM! STEVE ROGER'S ASS! We also talk about this summer's other upcoming blockbusters and bring back trope roulette - This time with extra feelings about narrative structure and the beauty of a good crossover. (Thanks for the awesome banner, hapakitsune.)

As usual, warning for NSFW language, but otherwise this episode is comparatively tame. Well. For us.

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If you have any fic recs, feel free to leave them here or tweet them to use @podramble and we'll definitely share them!

Episode Eight: RPF
emma stone

Thanks to hapakitsune for the banner!

Also, have a super NSFW banner courtesy of likeaglass!

From bandom to J2 to random celebrities who seem like they'd get on well (or if you're feeling creative, all three!), RPF is a constantly evolving sector of fandom. In this episode, we talk about why some people like it, why some people back away slowly, what we love about it, and what crosses the line.

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Warning for NSFW language, some serious business discussion, and descriptions of bad porn.

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Episode Seven: Q&A
emma stone

We didn't abandon you forever, we promise! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we are giving you an image with a green background and also a quite lengthy new episode of Podramble! We decided to take a break from talking about tropes and answer some listener questions, the subjects of which range from representation of sexualities to Gossip Girl ship wars to whether or not laliandra would date an American. Since we were asked to rec things, our list of links is a little ridiculous, but you can find them under the various LJ cuts!

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Warning for NSFW language, some serious business discussion, and descriptions of bad porn.

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Episode Six: Polyamory, threesomes, and moresomes
emma stone

Welcome to our very special polyamory episode of Podramble, where the length of the episode is nearly doubled because we couldn't shut up about it. Thanks to the wonderful hapakitsune for making the very relevant graphic. This episode we talk about different types of polyamory, the way it's portrayed in the media, and, of course, some of our favorite canon and nearly-canon OT3s, OT4s, and OT382972058s. Spoilers for Friday Night Lights season 1 and White Collar seasons 2-3.

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Outtakes at our Tumblr

As always, you can reach us here or through Twitter, Tumblr, or e-mail at

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Episode Five: Time Displacement AUs

It's been a time of great upheaval, data loss and general madness chez podramble, but here, very late, is episode five, which has been given the slightly pretentious theme of Time Displacement AUs. For this and so very much else we blame our special guest hapakitsune. Under this heading we talk about what happens when our favourite characters get put in a time that they don't belong, with some tangents for books that we love even though they hurt us, epithets (just say no) and a very punny round of trope roulette.

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We lovelovelove to hear from you, we are podramble on gmail and twitter, or you can leave us a comment here <3

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Episode Four: Revenge

Hi there, and welcome to the Very Special Revenge episode of podramble, in which we discuss the awesome that is ABC's Revenge. We speculate wildly, love on a lot of characters and have a discuss about the relative morals of the podramble crew (laliandra either wins or loses badly, depending on your point of view). Hope you enjoy!

As ever, you can (and should) get in touch with us by email, commenting or tweeting us @podramble. All thoughts, questions, theories, prompts and recs welcome.

Streaming here (Right click on the link and save to download)


TV Tropes page for Revenge (Ware Spoilers!)

Gabriel Mann's Twitter

Episode 3: Portmanteau Ship Names
merlin: Uther&#39;s motto

Happy New Year and welcome to the third episode of podramble (also known as the plague edition)! Sorry for the delay on this episode; we all had family shenanigans for the holidays. But we're back, and this week we're talking about portmanteau ship names and things we're excited for in 2012. And cheese. And our questionable life choices.

All our thanks to podklb for putting us in touch with paraka, who is letting us use her site for streaming, because she's clearly a superstar.

Please, tweet us @podramble or comment here with your thoughts. We love to hear what you have to say!

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Episode 2: Holiday Tropes

Happy Holidays, and welcome to the second episode of podramble! This week, we welcome moogle62 to the show, and talk about holiday tropes such as kissing under the mistletoe, huddling for warmth, snowed in, and more! There are spoilers for the West Wing and minor spoilers for Community's Christmas episode, but they are warned for right before we talk about them. Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy episode 2!

Download: Megaupload or Mediafire
Stream: SoundCloud
Outtakes: "Eli Hates Joy" on laliandra's tumblr, "Moog is Fond of Crying" on daisysusan's tumblr

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