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Episode Four: Revenge
laliandra wrote in podramble

Hi there, and welcome to the Very Special Revenge episode of podramble, in which we discuss the awesome that is ABC's Revenge. We speculate wildly, love on a lot of characters and have a discuss about the relative morals of the podramble crew (laliandra either wins or loses badly, depending on your point of view). Hope you enjoy!

As ever, you can (and should) get in touch with us by email, commenting or tweeting us @podramble. All thoughts, questions, theories, prompts and recs welcome.

Streaming here (Right click on the link and save to download)


TV Tropes page for Revenge (Ware Spoilers!)

Gabriel Mann's Twitter

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includes spoilers for most recent ep

i don't buy emily as a sociopath, at least canonically, because my understanding of sociopathy is that's just how they are, rather than being a reaction to fairly extreme and unusual circumstances - circumstances which include what i would call child abuse (given how she was treated by the system in general and by responsible adults at every stage of her childhood after her father was arrested). i'm not saying i don't think she's very fucked up, because i do, but i don't think she has an underlying condition, even a subclinical one (like, PTSD i would maybe buy, but that's still caused by things, not just how someone is). we haven't had the opportunity to see it, but i don't think emily would be comfortable with harming people other than those responsible for fucking over her father (has there been really significant collateral damage with anything she's done? is it better for charlotte not to know her mother didn't want her, considering their strained relationship). insofar as i think she's willing to be in-touch with her emotions at all, i get the impression she would want to prevent others from being hurt as she has been - but i think she has a very sharply drawn line between "innocent" and "guilty", and if you fall into the second category all bets are off. i like to think after she destroys everyone responsible for hurting her father, when her myopia around this incredibly traumatizing event can maybe ease off with some closure (not that this is a very healthy way to get closure, mind), that she might be able to look at the wider circumstances and looking to the system to prevent repeats.

(what i find interesting about the show is, even though emily got all this money dumped in her lap and therefor is rich* and gets to hob-nob enough to deploy her revenge, the 1% are presented as generally evil and the system as broken)

*i'm also sad about emily and ashley having their friendship scaled back, but i thought that started because of class issues. ashley wants to have the same class and social status as emily, but she keeps ending up subservient to victoria. isn't that how tyler was trying to get her to work with him? i wish they would go back to addressing those issues.

i'm pretty sure daniel is in college, graduating soon. especially the way they've talked about school and going to school with tyler. i'm pretty sure emily is supposed to be about 27 based on when her father was arrested, how old she was then, and i think they said it was 2003 when she got out of juvie etc. when they were talking about victoria's miscarriage and the pre-nup, thought we found out she and conrad got married around '85, and then charlotte was obviously after emily's dad went to jail. so i think daniel has to be younger than emily, it just isn't clear by how much. and jack, who is definitely supposed to be around the same age as emily, is clearly older than daniel.

re: cel phones and gps. the thing about this show is pretty much all the ways they use technology is ridiculous and unrealitic. ~plot device hand wave~

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Hi, this is not a complete response to your comment because it's fabulous and in-depth and I'm between classes and the moment, but sociopathy actually can be reaction to extreme and unusual circumstances. That said, I don't genuinely think she's a sociopath either, I just think it's an interesting lens for examining her character.

[Will get to the rest later]

Re: includes spoilers for most recent ep

:D yay thank you for this comment, omg!

I would tend to agree with you, that Emily acts like she does as a reaction to all the trauma in her life, it's practically stated outright that she made it through juvie by learning to channel her anger into playing the system, and then deals with her father's death and the horror of her past by making her whole life into this quest for Revenge, which she recognises is going to destroy her. I think that's the most important and interesting part for me, really, that she seems very clear that she's not going to get away with it, or come away unscathed, but that she's willing to do it anyway.

Yeah, I was okay with Ashley having motive for wanting to get in with Victoria, and I really liked that they gave her that and it's pretty consistent, character wise, it's just that they suddenly made her seem super resentful of Emily without any apparent previous build up, and the playing of female characters off against each other happens too much on TV for me to feel at all comfortable about the writers just chucking their friendship under a bus :/

Thank you for doing that math! It's all a bit complex and yeah, heh, the fact that most of the actors don't look the age we think they're meant to be playing doesn't help :)

The handwave tech stuff amuses me all the time, omg. I just go with it because REVENGE :D

Hello, I'm really enjoying listening to this podcast.

I am also enjoying Revenge, but doesn't Declan seem a little too interested in his older brother's love life? It's like he is always giving Emily attitude because she's not with Jack.

Yay! That's so awesome to hear :D

Yeeeah, that's a bit of an odd one. They clearly want to push Jack/Emily, and have also set it up so that Jack seems to have no friends that he can talk to, so it always ends up being Declan who has to be the one sticking up for him. Apart from Nolan :)Charlotte seems to be the only person on that show who is allowed to have more than one friend...

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