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Episode Five: Time Displacement AUs
laliandra wrote in podramble

It's been a time of great upheaval, data loss and general madness chez podramble, but here, very late, is episode five, which has been given the slightly pretentious theme of Time Displacement AUs. For this and so very much else we blame our special guest hapakitsune. Under this heading we talk about what happens when our favourite characters get put in a time that they don't belong, with some tangents for books that we love even though they hurt us, epithets (just say no) and a very punny round of trope roulette.

Streaming here (Right-click save to download)

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- Drastically Redefining Protocol
- Entourage/Merlin crossover
- Sixteen Days in September
- TSN Pride and Prejudice AU
- Reparo
- Let's Go Far away (for Gay Pirates)




A Great and Terrible Beauty
The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray
Bartimaeus Trilogy
Patricia C. Wrede
His Dark Materials
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
The Book Thief
I am the Messenger
The Two Princesses of Bamarre
The Last Herald Mage series
Ella Enchanted
Daughter of the Forest
The Young Wizards