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Episode Six: Polyamory, threesomes, and moresomes
elipie wrote in podramble

Welcome to our very special polyamory episode of Podramble, where the length of the episode is nearly doubled because we couldn't shut up about it. Thanks to the wonderful hapakitsune for making the very relevant graphic. This episode we talk about different types of polyamory, the way it's portrayed in the media, and, of course, some of our favorite canon and nearly-canon OT3s, OT4s, and OT382972058s. Spoilers for Friday Night Lights season 1 and White Collar seasons 2-3.

Streaming here (Right-click and save to download)
Outtakes at our Tumblr

As always, you can reach us here or through Twitter, Tumblr, or e-mail at podramble@gmail.com.

Fandoms we discuss this episode:
American Idol
Doctor Who
Friday Night Lights
The Millenium Trilogy
The Social Network
Star Trek
Star Wars
Stargate Atlantis
True Blood
Vampire Diaries
White Collar

Fic Recs:
Second Person Plural by laliandra
i practiced falling off buildings and out windows by daisysusan
Perfect Beautiful Good by OnYourMark
The Nine Magic Tricks by OnYourMark
Wanderers by Kaynara
Only Forward: A Duet for Three by cjmarlowe
Sharing by dreamsofspike
Zombies Ate Your Idols (They Were Delicious) by solar_cat
Carrying Dangerous Goods by novembersmith
Stranded by castrovalva9
Take Two Marines (And Call Me In The Morning) by novembersmith
The Games Compendium for Boys and Girls by oliviacirce
Only in Threes by Poose

Art Recs:
American Idol art by painted_birdie
Blow by elipie