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Season Two Episode One
laliandra wrote in podramble

Season Two Episode One is now go! In which we give advice to our followers, twitter feed and email buddies about a range of topics, some fannish, some serious and some... not so much. Which is why there is a fairly in depth discussion of the sexual habits of anthropomorphised websites in here. No really. New season, same podramble.

You can find the episode here (left click to stream/right click to save.)


Presque Vu

leave you drowning until you reach for my hand

What Makes You Beautiful (Eli's AMAZING/HILARIOUS Merlin vid)

Matt wins the X Factor quote from our planning email BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT (you can skip to around 6.00 if you're just in it for the adorable, and stick around for some bonus baby One Direction misbehaving)