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Episode Seven: Q&A
elipie wrote in podramble

We didn't abandon you forever, we promise! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we are giving you an image with a green background and also a quite lengthy new episode of Podramble! We decided to take a break from talking about tropes and answer some listener questions, the subjects of which range from representation of sexualities to Gossip Girl ship wars to whether or not laliandra would date an American. Since we were asked to rec things, our list of links is a little ridiculous, but you can find them under the various LJ cuts!

Streaming Here (Right click and save to download)
Warning for NSFW language, some serious business discussion, and descriptions of bad porn.

List of questions we answered
1) If you could go back in time and give your past self helpful tips about having a fannish podcast, what would they be?
2) What is the key to being polyamorous in regards to fandoms?
3) Would Lal ever date an American?
4) How will we explain fannish friends to our children?
5) What is your favorite drink?
6) What are some vid recs?
7) What one thing with essentially no fandom do you most wish you could convert people to and create a fandom for?
8) What is the most important thing a fic needs in order to be worth your time/hold your attention?
9) What is your favorite fic ever?
10) How do your sexualities relate to fandom?
11) How do you think stereotypically male versions of fannishness (sports, music, etc) are similar and different to fandom?
12) When do you think the next massive fandom (a la HP, SPN, SGA) will come along and what will it be? (book, movie, tv, rpf, etc)
13) What’s the best meta you’ve ever read?
14) How can you be a guest on Podramble?

Vid Recs:

I Swear (aka "Catbaby") (Smallville) by dualbunny, greensilver, pipsqueak and sweetestdrain
Handlebars (Doctor Who) by flummery
Closer (Star Trek) by t. jonesy and killa
Poker Face (Star Trek) by talitha78
Marchin On (Harry Potter) by dazzleme7
You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate (Doctor Who) by settiai
Snakes On A Plane (Harry Potter) by dualbunny
One Night Fandoms (Multifandom) by eruthros and thingswithwings
Seven Nation Army (Multifandom) by charmax
Fly (Parks & Recreation) by sisabet
Stronger (The Vampire Diaries) by glitteryrockstar
TVD Disney Style (The Vampire Diaries) by thefoxasaur
Morning Comes in Light (The Vampire Diaries) by ddreamcatcher2
Sort Of (BSG, spoilers for all seasons) by mintenergy
American Tune (West Wing, spoilers for all seasons) by trelkez
Raise Your Glass (Gilmore Girls) by dazzleme7
Doctor Who Test Drive (Doctor Who) by anothermyself
We'll Be Forever Young (Multi-fandom) by luckybiatch
Metaphor (Multifandom)by cesperanza and flummery
Wild Child (Multifandom) by calapine
What About (Multifandom) by fizzyblogic
Change of Time (Doctor Who) by greensilver
Let's Misbehave (White Collar) by greensilver
White Blank Page (The Social Network) by lovestories
Rolling in the Deep (The Social Network) by 91cass
Rolling in the Deep (The Social Network) by gabygal7
The Disney Network (The Social Network) by elipie

Favorite vidders:

Fic Recs:
This is Now (Harry Potter RPG)
Draco's Boy (Harry Potter) by empathic siren
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Harry Potter) and others by Maya
Rhapsody in Oil (Buffy) by Eurydice11
Because Nature Favors Disorder (Gilmore Girls) by Molly Larch
Separation Anxiety (Gilmore Girls) by Lula Bo
Strange Bedfellows (Firefly) by Kaynara

Awesome Fandom Scholars:
Kristina Busse
Francesca Coppa
Henry Jenkins

Transformative Works and Cultures
Cinema Journal 48, no. 4 (scroll down a bit to get to the fandom-related articles)
Normal Female Interest in Men Bonking": Selections from The Terra Nostra Underground and Strange Bedfellows edited by Shoshanna Green, Cynthia Jenkins, and Henry Jenkins
Textual Poachers by Henry Jenkins
Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth by Camille Bacon-Smith
Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the age of the Internet by Karen Hellekson and Kristina Busse

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So excited that you guys are back!!!

The lack of quality Vampire Diaries fic is one of the tragedies of my life, seriously. Ten years ago there were about a dozen not so great stories based off the books. When the show started I got hopeful that there would be an amazing fandom full of people writting my ship, but I'm still disappointed.

What's your ship? There's still really not much being written, and very little of that is good. But alas.

Oh, it's Bonnie/Damon but the show has moved so far from the books that there isn't much inspiration for them as a couple. I really liked eatsscissors' Hard to Be a Saint in the City if you're interested.
Lately I'm intrigued by Caroline/Klaus.

Yeah, I remember being intrigued by Bonnie/Damon when the show first started but then it kind of fizzled out. I haven't ever read anything, though.

I'm a few episodes behind so I only saw the very beginning of the Caroline/Klaus stuff but it honestly kind of skeeved me out? But then, I'm pretty firmly in the KLAUS IS TERRIBLE AND HAS NO REDEEMED VIRTUES NO NOT EVEN THOSE ONES camp. :/

Yes, Caroline deserves much much better. But I want to see her make Klaus suffer in a really hot and angsty way. That's pretty terrible, but oh well, haha.

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