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Episode Eight: RPF
elipie wrote in podramble

Thanks to hapakitsune for the banner!

Also, have a super NSFW banner courtesy of likeaglass!

From bandom to J2 to random celebrities who seem like they'd get on well (or if you're feeling creative, all three!), RPF is a constantly evolving sector of fandom. In this episode, we talk about why some people like it, why some people back away slowly, what we love about it, and what crosses the line.

Streaming Here (Right click and save to download)
Warning for NSFW language, some serious business discussion, and descriptions of bad porn.


The One I've Waited For (Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg) by GraphicbyDesign
Teaching the Indie Kids to Joust (Bradley James/Colin Morgan) by bookshop
Shelter (Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg) by passe_simple
5 People Who Kept Their Mouths Shut and One Who Didn't (Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg) by antistar_e
And The Sky Is Limitless (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) by laliandra
Apples Are Not The Only Fruit (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) by bexless
The House of the Living (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) by astolat
The Anatomy of a Fall (Gerard Way/Frank Iero) by novembersmith
All The Stars and Bleeding Hearts (Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg) by torakowalski
The Rugbyverse (Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie) by sunsetmog
Just A Small Town Boy (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) by hapakitsune
The Stars and Sea (Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek) by formerlydf
Drunk Alexander Skarsgard Fondles His Male Co-star Rhys Thomas (Alexander Skarsgard/Rhys Thomas)
Nowhere Else On Earth That I'd Rather Be (Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg) by torakowalski

elipie's guide to One Direction

padattack's One Direction primer
likeaglass's Harry/Louis primer
The Infamous Mario Kart interview where they use Mario Kart driving as a metaphor for buttsex
1D Kink Meme fills
Authors: likecharity, aestivalblue, passe_simple, suzie_shooter, nodellus, thesilverwitch

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Not that this is a listener comment or anything, since I haven't had time to actually listen yet, but jesus internet, write more rpf about women!

AGREE, we should definitely do an episode about kickass women sometime soon.


SO AGREED. Even in RPF fandoms where I KNOW there are awesome women I would love to see fic about, there is pretty much always shamefully little.

Honestly, this is probably the biggest thing that hurts me about slash fandoms. Even when stories aren't actively misogynistic, having a central pairing that's two dudes makes it harder to focus on female characters. :(

I appreciate all the AI8 content, and not just because 'Apples' is probably one of my favourite fanfics of ALL TIME.

Also, I will totally take the blame/credit for introducing laliandra into politifandom which yes, is the best. I need to find the entry/comment where I told her about the college AU, lol. #goodtimes

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Ahaha well that's the one Lal linked me to, so I will just assume she wants to rec both and add the other one to the bottom :D

BUT MY AURA OF MYSTERY. Although I've just started figuring out how to use tumblr, so clearly that's going to go out the window soon enough.

What a totally charming episode, you guys--you got me thinking about the relative creepiness of thinking about the sex lives of people who actually are having sex, versus those whose sex lives have no basis in reality, and I never really have before. Crack pairings are generally my drug of choice, so it was an interesting thought. Gorgeous banner, now, too!

Thank you! Being charming is our main goal.

That's a lie; being wildly inappropriate but also hilarious is our main goal.

i was in the gym listening to this ep on my ipod and started laughing during the incest commentary and received about a dozen suspicious glances. it was totally worth it.

also, the slash dragon shipping teenage boys! :D

:D I will take this opportunity to feel proud.

(For what it's worth, I laughed out loud when I listened to the final cut on a bus because of Eli's inner voice.)

Maggie, I have read your fic! Do you really have no idea how awesome you are, okay.

Okay, this comment is only about a month late because I just now saw it, but which fic? :D?

Also, omg, ♥

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