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Episode Nine: New Fandoms/Avengers/Superheroes
xm: phoenix/Emma
daisysusan wrote in podramble
podramble episode 9

In this episode we discuss new fandoms, which is basically a flimsy cover for a descent into ALL THE AVENGERS FEELINGS IN THE WORLD. PACING! FEMINISM! STEVE ROGER'S ASS! We also talk about this summer's other upcoming blockbusters and bring back trope roulette - This time with extra feelings about narrative structure and the beauty of a good crossover. (Thanks for the awesome banner, hapakitsune.)

As usual, warning for NSFW language, but otherwise this episode is comparatively tame. Well. For us.

click here for streaming (right click and save to download)

Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies
Left Hanging

A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century (Steve/Tony, dictionary style)
Amateur Theatrics (Avengers post-movie gen with a tiny deaged Loki)
and make it seem effortless (daisysusan's Bruce/Pepper/Tony fic)
Every Friday After the War (post-movie Avengers fic where Clint and Steve talk about stuff and it's awesome)
four people clint barton kissed for the mission (and one he'd know anywhere) (... yeah not summarizing this; it's Clint/Natasha)
here is the deepest secret nobody knows (Loki and Thor have a complicated D/s relationship and Loki is sometimes a girl but it's really good)
Life outside that will persist in entering (Bruce/Pepper/Tony domesticity)
Like Fine Print, Hard to Read (Clint/Phil obedience kink with some feelings)
Sum of 180 Degrees (Avengers post-movie fix-it, Clint/Natasha/Phil)
well, let the drum beat drop (Avengers post-movie team bonding)
With A View From Down Low (Avengers orgy fic)
Your Mountain Is Waiting (AU in which everyone is faculty at MARVEL UNIVERSITY)

If you have any fic recs, feel free to leave them here or tweet them to use @podramble and we'll definitely share them!